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To provide conditions for active recreation in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, two rental centers of sports and tourist equipment are created. At the rental centre, located at the central entrance to the national park, you can take bicycles for adults and children. 
When visitors rent bikes, they are given a route map with a brief description of the landmarks that occur during the trip. There are also sticks for Nordic walking, and in winter - skis and ski boots.

All sports and tourist equipment is rented in Hotel No. 4:

  • children's electromobiles

  • children’s sledges

  • camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils for cooking on a fire, etc.)

  • sports equipment (rackets and balls for badminton, tennis, volleyball, football, roller skates for adults and children),

  • fishing rods and spinnings

At visitors’ disposal in the hotel complex  there are:

  • Souvenir shop

  • Conference hall for 150 people

  • Conference hall for 20 people

  • Two conference rooms for 16 people each

  • Swimming-pool

  • Sauna

  • Billiards

  • Tennis table

  • Gym

  • Sports Complex “Zubr”, which includes a tennis court, volleyball and mini-football courts

  • Children's room
  • Playground

  • Rental centre