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National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" is one of the largest forests of Europe plains, which has preserved to this day in a relatively untouched state. Its territory is divided by the state border into two parts - Belarusian and Polish.
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Products of secondary forest use
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Woodworking production

Price list of selling prices for sawn timber produced in the SNPI "NP" Belovezhskaya Pushcha" on the terms of the ex-warehouse (warehouse of the enterprise).

The forest is a powerful natural factor that affects many processes occurring on the ground surface. Unlike other natural resources, such as oil, coal, ores, etc., which reserves can be depleted sooner or later, forest refers to reproducible resources. Forestry provides for extended forest reproduction, based on increasing the amount of timber, improving its quality, improving silvicultural practices.

Wood was one of the main factors in civilization development and even today it remains one of the most important raw materials for man, which many industries could not do without.

Wood is one of the oldest building materials known to mankind, which has always been and will remain popular in the construction and interior decoration.


Features of woodworking are in its centuries-old traditions, constant orientation to specific human needs, evolutionary development of labor methods, progressive renewal and expansion of the products list, a progressive increase in the production marketability.

Two wood processing workshops operate on the territory of the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha". Forest products for the shops are harvested in the Shereshovo Forest Hunting Farm and the economic zone of the National Park. There is a line for processing small-scale timber in the Shereshevo Central Processing Center. The released production is packing materials for export; unedged timber, picket fence, hunch, sawdust are sold on the domestic market, kilns for the production of charcoal for export and domestic market functions as well.

Central Processing Center Kamenyuki produces flight and packing blanks, pallets, chopped wood for export.

The CPC also produces the following types of products:

Planed moldings (flooring board, block house, lining, plinth, clypeus, etc.)  10_frg.jpg11_frg.jpg12_frg.jpg

Edged and unedged timbers, bars.