The Archaeological Open Air Museum is the only and unique historical, cultural, tourist object in the Republic of Belarus which reflects the features of material and spiritual life development of the ancient population of Belarus during the late Bronze, Early Iron Age.

The A1rchaeological open-air museum is represented by the exposition "The Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Fortified Settlement". The ancient settlement is a fortified dwelling recreated on the basis of scientific research, reflecting the characteristics of the thousand-year history of the ancient population of Belarus, its material and spiritual culture. The reconstructed dwellings and household structures of the settlement give the detailed idea of house building, the manufacture of various tools, pottery, the weaving process, other crafts, actual for the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age. 

The exposition was created on the territory of the archeological object «Kamenyuki-1».

The fortifications of the settlement and its internal household buildings were recreated in the collective image of the fortified settlements of hatched ceramics culture representatives (VII century BC - V century AD) and Milograd archaeological culture (VI century BC. - I century AD), identified by archaeologists in Belarus.