» Rules of purchasing and payment

Rules of purchasing and payment

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Rules of purchasing and payment

Now you can purchase tickets to our excursions even without leaving your home. You don’t need to stay in the queue to the ticket office to purchase a ticket, you just need Internet connection and a bank card (including debit cards) Visa и MasterCard of any bank in the world. Purchasing an e-ticket on our website will definitely save your time and give a 100% guarantee of the booking . You can buy ticket in advance and without any additional commission costs.

How to purchase ticket on the website?
Ticket sales through the module of “Excursions. Online sales” is active in the system every day. 

Step 1. Excursion choice
Press “Excursions. Online sales” block, choose the available excursion with the buy button, go to the category of the chosen excursion, for example, aviaries with animals, learn information about the project, the cost of the excursion, go to buy the ticket with the buy button.

Step 2. Ticket booking
Enter the information: number of tickets according to the categories, date flight time ( for sightseeing tour of visiting the Folk Life Museum and Father Frost Estate), telephone and e-mail for contact, passport information (of the payant), the country of residence. Read and mark in a checkbox that you agree with the rules of the visit.

Step 3. Ticket booking
Check your order. Telephone number is obligatory to enter, as if  the excursion is cancelled you will be informed about it. The e-ticket will be sent to the mentioned e-mail. Press the button “Pay” and go to pay the entrance tickets.

Step 4. Payment
Pay for the ticket, following the requirements of the payment system.

Step 5. Payment result
The ticket received by e-mail needs to be printed and you must have it with you when go to the excursions.

   Fulfillment of mutual obligations of the Parties

The obligation of the ticket payment is considered to be fulfilled when you receive the notification from the corresponding payment system about the fact of the successful payment. The obligation of providing you with a ticket is considered to be fulfilled when the ticket is sent to the mentioned e-mail address.

Payment features by bank card

We accept payments with bank cards of the following payment systems Visa and MasterCard. When the customer pays with a “Bank” card the customer must fill in the following fields:

  • Card number;

  • Card validity term;

  • CVV/CVC.

The reasons of payment cancellation can be:

  • the issuing bank of the Customer doesn’t support the applied technology of payment processing;

  • there is not enough means for paying the ticket;

  • the issuing bank of the Customer banned all the online payments.

The payment is made by means of the online payment system ArtPay. The data transfer during the order payment process is in safe mode (the information is protected by SSL protocol with an encryption key which is 168 bit long) using the technologies Verified by VISA и MasterCard Secure Code.

After the payment is made the e-mail with attached e-receipt is sent to the e-mail address entered by the customer, which is a confirmation of the payment and where one can see the details of the payment operation.

E-ticket validity term

The e-ticket is valid only for  a visit to the place and date (the flight for the sightseeing excursion with a visit to the Folk museum and the Father Frost Estate), specified in the purchased ticket.

   E-ticket recovery

You can recover the e-ticket by sending a e-mail with the details of your payment and contact information to the e-mail: beltour07@mail.ru
E-ticket return
If you cannot visit according to the ticket rules the total amount of the payment cannot be refunded.

In case of cancellation from the side of the Performer (weather conditions and other factors), the full amount of the ticket price is fully refunded or is changed by the similar ticket.

If you return the ticket two days before the tour you can receive the same service according to the ticket on any convenient available date. You need to send a e-mail to beltour07@mail.ru  specifying the reason of the absence on the date specified in the ticket.

Agreement of the customer to receive SMS and other messages

Accepting “The rules of purchasing the ticket”, you agree with receiving from GPU NP Belovezhskaya Puscha the information about the purchased e-tickets by means of the specified mobile number or e-mail address as well as other information messages.

  Providing references, claims handling

To receive the information about the issues of purchasing or using e-tickets, please, send a email with your inquiry to the following email address: beltour07@mail.ru

Claims are accepted only in written form to the email address  beltour07@mail.ru in any  form, not later than 15 days before the end of your e-ticket validity term. The term of claim consideration is 15 days from the moment of receiving the claim.

Personal data processing

Customers' personal data processing is made according to legislation. GPU NP “Belovezhskaya Puscha” processes customers’ personal data in terms of providing the customers with the opportunity of purchasing an e-ticket, GPU NP “Belovezhskaya Puscha” can use the provided information of the customer including the personal data as well as transfer it to the third parties in terms of the current legislature (including the purpose of finding, checking/investigating and/or suppression of illegal actions). Disclosure of the provided user’s data as well can be done by the request of the court, law enforcement parties and other cases provided by the law.


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