National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" is one of the largest forests of Europe plains, which has preserved to this day in a relatively untouched state. Its territory is divided by the state border into two parts - Belarusian and Polish.
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According to geomorphological features, Pushcha belongs to the region of the Predpolesie plains (Tolkach and etc., 1996). Within the territory of Pushcha the crystalline shield descends from north to south and varies between 400 and 900 m above sea level. The modern relief was formed as a result of the Moscow glacier retreat. The territory of Pushcha has an undulating relief formed by sandy and sand-and-shingle deposits. The central part is the highest, the Belovezhskaya range is in the southeast. The minimum altitude is 145-148 m above sea level, the maximum - 202 m (Kozya mountain - in the Viskuli area).